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Achieved with Elite

Marketing + AI

We will be the last marketing company you will ever partner with for outbound patient acquisition.

Ads ran by ELITE Ads Specialists.

Our team of Marketing Genius' have spent well over $1M on ads specifically for DCs. We are the best the industry has to offer. We don't let inexperienced people gamble with your marketing here.

High-quality & High-Volume Appointment generation.

Get ready to grow faster than ever.

Access to a Dedicated Account Manager.

Get full access to our team. Whenever you have questions talk to a person that knows everything about your practice and marketing strategy.

Nurturing Campaigns

Don't let a single lead slip through the cracks. Our campaigns will continue to automatically nurture leads into paying patients.

Free Reactivation Campaign

We'll help you reactivate old clients and get them back through the door for treatment again.

Pipelines built to suit YOUR business needs.

Whatever your patient journey looks like, we will create a fully customized pipeline to match it. Your team will operate more efficiently than ever before

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